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Related article: Newsgroups: gay-net.erotic-storys, From: Subject: After the Football Game (m/m) Message-ID: Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700 guest) X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL1] Date: Tue, 18 Apr 1995 04:07:42 GMT Lines: 392This is a requested repost: AFTER THE FOOTBALL GAME Willy and Off Lolita Toplist Gary's relationship had started as if by accident the previous fall. Thirteen year old Gary Moorcock was on the junior varsity football team at Homowack Unified Schools. Ever since he'd been old enough to play on his own he'd always hung out with the boys, which was okay. The problem was that when his friends got old enough to start noticing girls, he still found himself noticing the boys. Until he started playing football, Gary had never seen a naked male. Well, he'd seen pictures, but never a flesh-and-blood, bareassed, ball-swinging, buck-naked man or boy. He liked what he saw when he was surrounded by all those naked bodies after practices and games. It made him feel great. It was the day before Thanksgiving and he was lingering in the shower after the last game of the season. He'd been the last one to get in the shower and most of the others had already gone home. He was in no hurry to go anywhere because when he got home, all it meant was lots of older relatives and four days of pigging out. He'd have to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag because his bed would be given to someone else and there wouldn't even be someone his own age to talk to or play with. Christmas talk would start, everyone would gossip about other relatives who weren't there to defend themselves and all sorts of people would pester him about whether he had a girlfriend and why not. He was already confused enough about his lack of interest in girls and it depressed him that he didn't. Now that football was over, the only other extra-curricular activity he had was high school choir where he sang alto, the choir having recruited eighth graders to fill some spots in the alto section. Even that was in jeopardy because his voice was starting to change and that meant he'd have to sit out for a year before they'd let him back into choir. It seemed that he shouldn't have any problems attracting girls, because he was good looking. At least that's what his older relatives kept telling him, but he just wasn't interested in girls. He had dark brown hair which swept loosely across his forehead, thin curvy eyebrows and dreamy light blue eyes. He had naturally broad shoulders and his body narrowed in a classic "V" shape to his narrow waist. He had tight muscular little buttocks and well-defined hard calfs and thighs. A faint fuzz of hair was growing on his face and glowed slightly when the lighting was right. A faint smile always lingered on his lips and his eyes twinkled when he spoke with someone. Recently, small patches of fuzzy hair had started growing in his armpits and on his groin. He'd been waking up with piss-bones in the morning, but they always went away after he took a morning leak. His abdomen was flat and his navel was neither an "inny" nor an "outy" as it was flat and appeared as a half spiral flat with the surface of his skin. He lingered in the shower long enough that his hands Off Lolita Toplist and feet were wrinkled and he figured he'd better get out before he melted. He turned off the water, stepped out and bumped right into a passing body. An expanding surge of heat flashed through his body from his groin, the most exquisite feeling he'd ever had. A rock hard body, muscular and radiating heat, was holding him tightly. He'd walked smack into William Sawyer, the all-district star quarterback of the high school football team, the object of adoration of every girl in the school. Gary blushed just like one of those girls and got the first sexual hard-on of his life. There was no way he could hide it. Willy was seventeen at the time and there was no way he could miss the swollen rod which was poking him in the gut. Willy started laughing quietly as he stared at Gary. He pulled Gary close, sliding his hands down the entire length of Gary's body. Gary trembled as one hand moved over his balls and the other took a tight grip on his virgin cock. The pressure was too much for Gary and he started to gasp and moan as a tingling tickle like he'd never felt instantly built up and it felt as if his prick was about to explode. His nuts drew up against his body. It was too much for Gary's tortured prick to stand and he felt an explosion of pleasure spread from his balls and somewhere deep in his belly to every point of his body. Willy never had to move his hand. When his fingers closed on Gary's cock, it was like Gary had been waiting all his life and storing up all his juices just for that touch. With a shudder and a gasp, he shot his first load. He went rigid as spasm after spasm shook him for what seemed an eternity as spurt after spurt shot through his virginal young shaft, spraying on Willy's belly and dripping to the floor. He grunted from the extreme pleasure as pulse after pulse knotted his insides in a new dynamic thrill, seizing control of his personal universe, his prick muscles surging and contracting in an entirely unimaginable manner. When he finally finished pouring out the final drops of his virgin load, he collapsed in Willy's arms. He stood helplessly, afraid to look at Willy and so embarrassed he thought he'd die. Willy laughed and Gary opened his eyes. Willy's green eyes, flecked with gold, were gazing deeply into his own and an amused grin graced his face. Willy's light blonde hair was swept back, crowning his almost six foot frame. Before Gary realized it, Willy bent forward and kissed his forehead. "Little man, beautiful little man, you and I are going to be very good friends," Willy whispered. "We're going to start by taking a shower together and I don't shower with strangers. What's your name?" "Gary." "Gary what?" "Moorcock." "That can be arranged," chuckled Willy. "Huh?" "Skip it," replied Willy as he turned the water on hot and hard and began soaping Gary from the toes up. "Aren't you the tight end that scored the winning touchdown this afternoon?" "Yeah, that was me," replied Gary, pleased that his hero had noticed. "You made some pretty good moves out there. Those pattern plays were real tight." "Thanks," Gary said, glowing with pride. They stepped back into the shower cubicle and Off Lolita Toplist turned the water on hot and hard. Willy started soaping Gary, starting at his feet and working up, his strong hands working the muscles deeply as he lathered Gary's legs. When he reached Gary's ass, he pulled Gary tightly against himself with Off Lolita Toplist one strong arm and began massaging Gary's asshole with the soap. Hot sensations shot through Gary's cock as Willy massaged the tight little pucker. Gary felt tingles in his asshole and his cock started jerking itself erect again. Suddenly, Gary felt a strangely painful sensation and he realized Willy was trying to shove his finger into his asshole. He tried to pull his ass forward to escape the pressure, but Willy's rock hard body thrust against him, pushing him back against the probing finger. Gary felt pain as the finger opened him up and slid in to its second knuckle. He again tried to pull forward, only this time Willy's body was right up against him, his long slender prick now hard and pressed against Gary's smaller erection. When he pushed Gary farther back on his finger, he rasped, "Don't fight me, Gary. Try to relax and I'll show you how good it can be. I mean to have you for a very long time and if you fight me it'll only hurt more. Just relax and I'll be as gentle as I can." Gary was terrified. He didn't understand the meaning of being had and noticed that Willy wasn't laughing anymore. He couldn't see Willy's face, but didn't have to because he could hear that Willy meant business. Gary felt a sharp searing pain as Willy shoved his finger in as far as it could go. Gary tried to scream, but his face was crushed to Willy's chest and no one else was in the locker room to hear anyway. Gary's legs buckled and only Willy's arm kept him from falling. The shock of his sphincter muscle being forced open made Gary feel dizzy and weak. He felt so strange. His strength returned as Willy continued holding him tightly with his finger buried in Gary's butt and the hot water beating down on both of them. The pain subsided only to be replaced by something else. It felt strange, yet somehow kind of nice. Gary sighed and put his arms around Willy's neck. Willy worked his finger slowly in and out, from side to side until he felt the tight little anus relax slightly and Gary moved his ass back against his hand. Gary wanted to stay that way, but the instant Willy sensed the change he pulled his finger free, spun Gary around and forced him into a bent-over position. He began to press the head of his cock against the crack of Gary's ass, then he grabbed Gary tightly around the waist and, by changing the angle of his thrust, began prodding against the center of his ass. This evidently made Willy hotter because he began biting the back of Gary's neck and shoulders until Gary felt like screaming with pain and excitement as he realized that Willy was seriously going to try putting that monstrous cock up his tight little butt. "Willy, stop! You can't stick that big thing in there. It's too tight and tiny!" "Easy, just try to relax and it won't bother you that much. Besides, you'll like it when you get used to it." Willy was still holding the bar of soap and he backed off slightly as he quietly lathered his big stiff rod and Gary's rectum. Gary finally accepted that this was really happening when the large cock again nudged his asshole and Willy hunched slightly forward, forcing just the huge flared head into Gary's objecting rectum. Gary gave a yelp and tried to pull away but Willy held him in place, leaving the huge head immobile in Gary's anal opening. Gary's sphincter ring clasped hysterically around the base of the flaring purple crown. Gary panted through his open mouth and small groans tore from his throat. "Oh, God, Willy, I can't take it! Please, don't!" he pleaded, tears welling from his eyes. "I told you already, don't fight it. I'll hold still until it quits hurting. Just hold on, baby. I promise you it'll feel wonderful in a bit." In a moment the pain slacked off. When he sensed it, Willy started inching slowly into the impossibly tight, moist flaming sheath. "Alright, baby - relax," he whispered. He felt the head of his dick pop past the sphincter and about two inches of his pleasure prod slid in, stretching and smoothing every wrinkle and convolution as the giant head nosed its way toward its goal. Willy reached in front and locked one hand around Gary's limp swaying cock. Gary's asshole burned like blazes, but he was filled with such sheer joy that he almost passed out from ecstasy as realized that he wanted to make love to a man and be filled with hard male flesh. Gary winced in pain again as he felt his asshole opening Off Lolita Toplist further than he thought possible, pain yes, but with a promise of pleasure as Willy touched something inside that he'd never felt touched before. Combined with the pain of the first stretching, a ripple of ecstasy pulsed through him. He moaned from the extreme pleasure-pain, but his moans went unheeded by Willy as he was now committed and nothing could change his mind. Gary could feel that Willy was pushing very hard, but the tip of his dick was sinking up into that anal sheath only a fraction of an inch at a time, the internal passageway stretching and straight- ening to accommodate the persistent pecker. Willy thrust gently forward and another inch slid in, then held still as he slowly stroked Gary's cock. Gary felt his ass relaxing and the pain of the initial penetration faded, only to be replaced by little tingles of pleasure from both his butt and his cock. The attention Willy was giving on both ends caused Gary's cock to come to life again and stand rigidly erect. Little by little, Willy inched farther in and Gary felt newly found stirrings of lust and wild excitement growing inside him as Willy finally managed to get the entire length of his swollen shaft up inside the virginal butthole. Gary felt like he had a whole salami stuffed into his ass and deep up in his bowels. Willy stopped moving and just held Gary as hard against him as he could, running his hands all over the front of Gary's body, toying with his nipples and navel, kissing the back of his neck and tonguing his ears. The pain disappeared completely and Gary's new developing sensual nature came to the fore. He wanted it - wanted that long tool to plunge in and out. "Okay, Willy, I'm ready - I think!" he said as he felt his asshole gripping at the base of Willy's long prick, the thick patch of blonde pubic hair tickling his buttocks. Willy started to slowly fuck in and out. Gary was feeling better with each thrust of cock inside him and each stroke on his own cock. Willy suddenly pulled Gary tightly back against him and thrust forward with a mighty lunge, plunging his stiff prick as far as it would go into the center of Gary's guts until Gary felt Willy's balls slapping against his quivering ass. He began humping rapidly, pulling about half of his nine inch erection out, then plunging it back so his balls slapped against Gary's as he continued to work Gary's cock with full length strokes. "What am I doing?" grunted Willy. "Fucking me!" "Where?" "You're fucking me in my ass!" yelled Gary as the huge cock kept stretching him with each thrust. It hurt a little - it felt like there was a whole arm in there, but he didn't care as ripple after ripple of orgasmic pleasure blotted out the pain and started pulsing through every nerve in his body. He'd never felt so alive. He bent over in order to let Willy get a little more inside. It was too Off Lolita Toplist much for Gary's tortured body to stand for more then a couple minutes and he grunted as the swelling balloon of pleasure in his belly and loins exploded through his balls and another load of virgin sperm spurted from the head of his throbbing prick and all over the walls and Willy's pumping hand. He slumped over further with each convulsion of his athletic young body. Willy began to pant and groan as he pumped all he had into the spasming bottom then, with a cry, gave one last frightful lunge and shot a load that Gary could actually feel shoot into his guts. Gary was too far into his own unfamiliar sensations to even think about Willy's pleasure, ecstatic as he experienced wads of cum propelling forcefully through the tube on the underside of his powerfully pulsing prick and erupting from the tiny slit on top, spraying out as he screamed aloud in primal pleasure. Willy kept giving short hard thrusts with each spurt of his sperm and would have knocked Gary over if he hadn't been holding him so firmly. He finally slowed down and stopped, but kept his prick in Gary's ass until it stopped throbbing. Gary was so hot and shook up that he pulled Willy's prick out, turned around and grabbed him in his arms. He began to play with Willy's prick and balls, rubbing them with soap and trying to finger Willy's asshole. Willy stopped him, grabbed him, held him close and whispered in his ear, "Hold me a minute, little one - slow down." Then he cradled Gary's head in his hands and kissed him like he'd never been kissed. Gary's head was spinning with the sheer delight and strangeness of the event, but after all that had happened he kissed him back, running his tongue in and out of Willy's mouth. It made Willy's prick hard as a rock against Gary's stomach and the two boys writhed in an orgy of sensual feelings. "I've never sucked a cock before," gasped Willy, "But by all the saints, I'm going to suck yours." He dropped to his knees and grabbed Gary around his knees, his left arm holding his legs and his right steering Gary's cock into his mouth. Gary grabbed Willy's hair and held tight as his cock went in and out of the hot suctioning mouth. He began working his hips back and forth as Willy took more and more of his cock into his mouth. Willy was making funny little mewling sounds. Gary felt another load of cum starting to rise in his cock as he shoved it farther and farther and faster and deeper in Willy's throat. His stomach tensed and pulses of pleasure swept his body as all it once he plunged it completely down Willy's throat and began shooting spurt after spurt of sweet hot boy-cum. They both fell over onto the floor of the shower and laid in each other's arms, exchanging kisses, then shifted into a position where they could suck each other at the same time. Gary tasted the thick sweet taste of Willy's precum mixing on his tongue with the saliva caused by the steady sucking. He moaned with pleasure as he realized that Willy was ready again and locked his throat against the first pulse of sperm. He wanted to drink in every drop that Willy could produce and he didn't want to gag. Willy stiffened and then began convulsing as he shot a load that filled Gary's mouth and dripped from his lips. He held Gary's face in place and Gary started gagging and coughing because of the huge amount. Willy pulled out and got Gary into a sitting position, helping him as the mixture of cum and saliva spewed from his mouth. Gary finally stopped choking and managed to gasp an apology. Willy pulled Gary to his chest in a crushing embrace, begging Gary's forgiveness for everything he'd done. Gary pushed away and looked into Willy's beautiful, tortured face. He didn't believe the pain in Willy's eyes and threw himself back in Willy's arms, kissing him and whispering in his ears, "Don't be silly, Willy. This is what I've always wanted and been waiting for, but I didn't know it. Now I know why I've never been interested in girls. If it wasn't for you, I might have waited forever. Next time I'll do better." "You mean you're not angry?" "Hell, no! I thought I just told you." "I didn't hurt you did I?" "Not really. Maybe a little bit at first, but then it was great. Only thing is my ass feels so stretched out of shape that it'll never be the same again," Gary replied with a grin. "Have you ever done this with anyone else?" "Yup. Me and Smith used to get it on ever since I was in eighth grade and he was a freshman. Problem is that he went over to the state university across the state and we only get to see each other at holiday-time." "Are you talking about Ricky Smith's older brother that used to play halfback?" "Yeah. Do you know him?" "No. But, I'm in the same Boy Camper group as Ricky." "That means that Robert Fillmore is your Adult Group Leader then,right?" "Right. He just started last spring. How'd you know that?" "Because he's my next door neighbor. Small world isn't it?" "Hey! I just thought of something. Does that mean that you'renot interested in girls, either?" "That's right. I've been watching all your games this season and noticed that you didn't hang out with any of the girls. I was waiting outside the school for you to come out so I could meet you and talk for awhile. When you didn't come out and it seemed like everyone else had, I decided to come in and see if you were still down here." "That wasn't an accident bumping into you like that?" "Well, sort of. Like I told you, I just wanted to talk until I noticed there wasn't anyone else down here and then I decided to join you in the shower. When you bumped into me, though, what happened... well it just happened. I wanted you - still do. You're a special guy and I want to be with you and I hope you want to be Off Lolita Toplist with me." "But...but, what about all the girls you're always with?" "Gotta think about what people think - at least until you're out of school and out of here. They're all just friends. Used to get together with Smith after a date and then we'd have some real action. That's why we'd usually double date. Besides, want to know something?" "Yeah, what?" "You know those two cheerleaders we were dating the last couple years?" "No." "Oh, well. Anyway, they were lovers too, so it just made sense to double date with them." "Willy, are you going to go to State University, too?" "No, I think not. I've got a good chance to go to Central State on a double football and academic scholarship and that's only about forty miles away. Why?" "Because...forget it. It's silly." "Come on. What's silly?" "Well...I...I think I love you...or at least want to try...that Off Lolita Toplist is, if I'm not too young for you." "Don't be silly. Why do you think I came down here tonight. I told you that I want to have you for a very long time. I was just afraid that you wouldn't be interested or would tell everyone. Come here and give me a kiss, little man. I hope to be with you a long time." "Does this mean we're queers, Willy." "No, Gary. All it means is that we're guys who love other guys, that's all." "Okay. Wait a minute. What if you do go to Central State? Will we still be able to see each other?" "Sure. I've got a four wheel drive pickup. I've even got a camper, so there'd be no problem getting together whenever you want." They nuzzled like two puppies and told each other without words what the other needed to know. Presently they shut off the shower and headed to the locker area, toweling off and getting dressed to leave. "Willy, I wonder...well, I've watched you at all your games and I think you're the best there is. Could you work out with me and help me become a better player?" "Sure thing. Can you think of any better excuse to spend a lot of time together? Only thing is, if we keep this up you're going have to play another position besides tight end." "Whatta you mean?" "Wide receiver!" shouted Willy, playfully slapping Gary on his butt. They both laughed as they headed out the door and into the chilly autumn evening.
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